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About Forever soulbound

Forever soulbound, Guide’s and rules

First, I would like to say welcome to those who are using this website for the first time.  I am the Guild Leader and my name is Ann.  I have set some goals for my Guild, and that is to be a helpful, social and that no one will ever feel excluded from Guild activities. We expect Guild members to behave within WoW as we consider everyone to be ambassador for us and includes abiding by Blizzards name policies because that reflects directly back to the Guild.

I use add-ons to help me to play WoW due to a brain strokes that almost killed me in 2013.   These help me to say 'hi', 'welcome back' and give to Guild members a feeling of being seen and also that their achievements are being congrats.  I tried to make my add-ons as personal as possible as I can.

Any negative add-on criticism can lead to an automatic kick.

This Guild is a lively and does lots for and with their Guild members. As the Guild member you have to remember one thing:  nothing comes in a close hand.  What you give to the Guild, the Guild gives back to you. To join in on any activity that goes on within the Guild you have to apply to Guild on our website and download Teamspeak3 and this something we expect from you as a Guild member.  If you are feeling uncomfortable speaking on Teamspeak3 then you do not have to speak with us, it is most important that you can listen to instructions and guidance over Teamspeak3.

We as a guild are trying to create a good environment for all our players and all we want to do is have a fun WoW time, even though some of us are late nighters as it seems that we're online all the time.

There is something to remember when your out in dungeons, raids, battlegrounds or wherever: NEVER EVER call anyone a 'noob'.  We have all been there and should try to help out and just rise above all the insulting behaviour.  You as a guild member are an ambassador for the whole guild and we don't want to be known as the guild that go around calling people noobs or throwing insults to other players.
When I first started this guild I was alone and gradually built it up as a family guild but after a while I wanted to expand and the my goal is to build:

* Raid team
* PVP team
* Boosting team

It's important to remember that we all can do our part with helping eash other. It might be that I help you one time and suddenly there is something you can craft that I can't.  What we really could use are good material collectors in the guild that can supply players with crafting materials for everyone (mining/skinning/herbs). The guild will be able to get recipes for the different professions for those that we know are going be with us for a long term.

Building up trust is important both ways. We all have to learn about each other to know. Some of us have been playing together for 3 years or more and know each other’s moves, even before the move actually happens. That is something that will take time and needs to be worked with.  We need to have tolerance when we fail and we will do. There is so much to learn in WoW all the time and we grow with the turns WoW throw at us.

Including people is important so no one feels left out.  Guild chat is a good tool and if you're going for a Looking for Raid, Battleground or Dungeon/Scenario please type in guild chat 'anyone up for LFR/Dung/BG/Scen?'  It might be players that is at the same level and can join and we can be on coms helping each other.

We have a Teamspeak3 server:

Our backup communication program is Ventrilo.

The Ventrilo info is:
Server Name: Forever soulbound
Hostname or IP: or
Port: 5704

please go to forum post for passwords.

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